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Check black pistol

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#1 charlie



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Отправлено 03 Август 2014 - 16:09

Check blank guns 
Hello good thanks for accepting my request on the forum. I am passionate about guns and here in Spain, licensed weapons I have several shotguns caliber 12 and M16 22 caliber rifle.'m Collector holster and I have Colt 1911A1 anniversary 100 years, Zoraki 914, Zoraki 906 Revolver Viper 2.5 "Bruni 17. 9 Mini-ME for 9mm, etcAqui in Spain do not allow traumatic moment buy guns, so it's hard to buy one. 
With respect to the forum I wonder if you might have the guns barrel blanks if he could shoot it pierces traumatic ammunition. 
What diameter must be left in the barrel? the same as that of the sheath? 9mm? 
I wonder If anyone has been able to buy this type of traumatic guns within the countries of the European Union and the website of that country, to see models of guns and ammunition. 
You can buy just the ammunition in any page of the countries of the European Union? 
Thanks for the info and sorry for the inconvenience. 
Pd: sorry for the English but I do it with google translator.

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#2 Cool_before



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Отправлено 03 Август 2014 - 22:27

do you know that making weapons without license are illegal in many countries and remodeling blank gun is a crime either. 


The barrel most of the times is 5.5-7 mm for 9PA cartridge. most useful is 6.5 mm.  

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#3 Servi



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Отправлено 03 Август 2014 - 23:56

На китайском не пробовали пообщаться ?

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